We’re SATELLITE 2019, and we’re in the business of meaningful connections!

Then again, aren’t we all in the business of meaningful connections? Connections are a vital part of our lives, both personally and professionally.

Satellites keep the world connected, whether it is a phone call with a loved one in another continent, providing communities in remote regions with internet access, or broadcasting monumental events to millions of viewers around the world.  Satellites are becoming an integral part of other forms of connectivity as well, including connected transportation, internet of things and the impending 5G revolution.

Just as satellites are the cornerstone of facilitating connections, the SATELLITE Conference and Exhibition is the cornerstone of facilitating professional connections that produce meaningful relationships and business partnerships that progress the industry.  We’re fostering conversations between those who can provide the services and infrastructure for communications and the organizations whose future relies on the seamless connectivity.

If you’ve been to SATELLITE before, and even if you haven’t, get ready for all-new experiences.

  • On Monday, all attendees will have access to “Satellite 101”, a series of educational sessions designed to give our new communities a crash course in the satellite basics, and help them better navigate the exhibitors on the show floor and the content in the conference program. Whether this is your first time at the event, exploring satellite connectivity as a solution for your company, or just need a refresher on what is new with satellites, this is the perfect place for you to start your SATELLITE experience.
  • The conference program is taking a renewed focus on connectivity and the drivers of innovation in the satellite industry. New markets, new applications and new technology – you’ll be immersed in the forward progression of all things satellite and space-based.
  • On the show floor, you can experience the first-ever Startup Pavilion, showcasing companies that are making waves in next-generation technology, as well as more than 60 first-time exhibiting companies and thousands of innovative products and services.

If you haven’t yet, take the time to register today and be prepared to make your meaningful connections at SATELLITE.  Exhibit Hall passes are free and the Loyalty Rate is in effect for the Conference, but only through December 13.  I look forward to seeing you there!