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Governments face a wide variety of civil and military challenges with unpredictable requirements. Whether it’s providing connectivity in areas inaccessible to terrestrial networks, creating tactical navigation solutions for war-fighters and vehicles on the battlefield or providing a communications platform for emergency response, gov/mil personnel want to know their options. SATELLITE will bring together foreign and domestic attendees to and give them access to dozens of leading companies that offer a full range of advanced communication services for Government service providers and military applications.

In the News

Kratos to Enable Satcom Roaming with Government Contract 

PTS Could Unlock Major Opportunities for Commercial Satellite

Commerce Department Prepares For Its New Role In SSA

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Past Attendees

  • Senior Computer Engineer, US Air Force
  • System Engineer, Danish Defense
  • Senior Aerospace Engineer, Department of Defense
  • Telecommunications Analyst, Department of Justice
  • Senior Adviser, Space Policy, Department of State
  • Aerospace Analyst & Space Attache Advisory, Embassy of Italy
  • Chief Warrant Officer, Embassy of Spain
  • Tactical Communicator, FBI
  • Chief Engineering Branch, FCC
  • Chief of Space Communications and Spectrum, NASA