New Year, New SATELLITE!

From the SATELLITE and Via Satellite team, I’d like to wish you a Happy New Year!  Did you know that roughly only 8% of people actually keep their new year’s resolutions?  All too often, people set an “all-or-nothing” goal, and then fail to reach that goal, or even continue trying, after only a few weeks.  While January 1 is a great milestone to check-in with yourself and set goals to “re-invent” who you are or where you want to be, a much more successful approach is to make small adjustments that over time, add up to a big change.

If you’re looking to make a change or shift in your business or in your professional life, SATELLITE is the best venue for you to take stock of where you stand, and start making the improvements and changes you want to see.  Whether you are looking for new markets for your company to venture into, building your client database, or strengthening relationships with your existing customers, you can create the environment and set the tone for the first impression with a booth at SATELLITE.

Thinking about attending SATELLITE?  Whether you are a first time attendee or seasoned alumni, you’ll find something new and exciting at SATELLITE!  Maybe your organization hasn’t really used satellite connectivity before or your job now encompasses integrating satellite connectivity into your product or service.  Attend the Satellite 101 sessions in the SATELLITE Unveiled Theater on the show floor to get a crash course intro to satellite and space technology, and help you better navigate the show for the remainder of the week.  You’ll get the inside scoop from satellite companies on what technology and services you need to know about and help you build your “must-see” list of exhibitors.

If you come to SATELLITE every year, then you already know that the ever-changing landscape of satellite technology makes for an ever-changing experience at SATELLITE.  But, we do have a few new changes to SATELLITE 2019:

Startup Pavilion – This is your first look at innovation and disruption in satellite and space technology!  These companies are forging their own path in the community.

What’s the (Next) Big Idea? – On Monday, May 6, we’re kicking off SATELLITE with a thought-provoking general session that is open to all attendees.  The discussion focuses on a range of technologies that may change the space industry status quo, including: cloud computing; new analytics and data fusion; 3D printing; lasers; robotics; block chain; machine learning; IoT; and new propulsion systems.

Satellite Technology of the Year Award – Each year, Via Satellite bestows the prestigious Satellite Executive of the Year Award on the person who has had the greatest impact on the industry from a financial, innovative and disruptive perspective.  New in 2019, we’re expanding the awards program to include the Satellite Technology of the Year Award, recognizing the technology breakthrough that has reshaped the way the satellite and connectivity industry works now and for years to come.  You can submit a nomination for both the Satellite Executive of the Year Award and the Satellite Technology of the Year Award online, but only through February 22!

SATELLITE 2019 has quite a bit to offer, I recommend you perusing the conference program, our list of top-notch speakers and filtering through the exhibitor list to plan your time for the week.  I look forward to seeing you in Washington D.C. May 6 – 9 at SATELLITE 2019!