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Contact: Isabel Burnham, Assistant Marketing Manager

16 Competitors Selected for 3rd Annual Startup Space Pitch Contest at SATELLITE 2019 

Startup Space will take place Tuesday, May 7, 2019 live in the SATELLITE Unveiled Theater

Rockville, MD. – Tuesday, January 22, 2019 – The SATELLITE Conference & Exhibition invites all attendees to witness the third annual Startup Space Competition on Tuesday, May 7, 2019 in the SATELLITE Unveiled Theater, located on the show floor.

After reviewing dozens of applications from new space businesses around the world, 16 entrepreneurs were chosen to compete for prizes including private investor pitch meetings, free admission to industry events, feature coverage in Via Satellite magazine, and more!

Each of the competitors will pitch their business and technology innovations to a panel of the space industry’s most active investors. Our investor judges will then ask questions and provide feedback on the quality of the pitch. Which game-changing disruptive space technologies will prevail? Watch it all happen live on the SATELLITE show floor!

SATELLITE Conference & Exhibition is pleased to announce the following competitors:

  • Miguel Ayala, CEO, Exodus Space Corp, a company that believes commercial access to space will be defined by its efficient horizontal takeoff and landing spacecraft.
  • Josh Hoeg, Founder, Gold Orbit, a company that is building a universal latching mechanism for space debris cleanup.
  • Katrina Krivenko, Chief Business Officer, TimeTag.Space, a time-tagging and synchronization company which aims to enhance the functionality of satellites.
  • Guillermo Lamelas, CEO, Alen Space, which is aiming to launch a “Mother Constellation” of nanosatellites that will lower barriers to new space customer by speeding-up the deployment of new satellite services and reducing the cost of deployment.
  • Jonathan Goff, President/CEO, Altius Space Machines, a space robotics and technology startup that is developing a line of Bulldog servicing tugs for providing satellite delivery, backup disposal, and repair/upgrade services to LEO constellation developers.
  • Cordell Grant, CEO, QEYNet, a company using satellites and a technology called Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) to build an ultra-secure global encryption network.
  • Ken Chez, COO, RoGo Fire, a developer of satellite technology, devices and software designed to improve communication and tracking of resources in remote geographic locations where cellular service is unreliable.
  • Richard Tan, Abstract Assembly, a company that uses state-of-the art advances in deep learning to generate PDR-ready designs for small satellites from databases to commercial off-the-shelf components.
  • Mattias Bergstrom, CEO, Quantum 1 Network, a company creating a low-powered decentralized and fully autonomous P2P service ecosystem on blockchain with advanced routing and traffic sharing,
  • Daniel Faber, CEO, Orbit Fab, a company that will build propellant depots in space to enable fueling of satellites and launch vehicle upper stages.
  • Shabbir Parvez, CEO, AstroComm, a company that has developed a new technique to significantly increase the Power Added Efficiency of Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPA).
  • Tadashi Kubo, Founder & CEO, AC Biode, a company developing an alternative to current hydrogen fuel cells – an ultra-short pulse laser with photocatalyst that splits water into hydrogen more efficiently than electrolysis.
  • Tim DeBenedictis, CEO, Southern Stars, a company seeking to develop a low Earth orbit small satellite system for detecting and locating near GEO space objects and providing collision avoidance and anomaly resolution.
  • Gary Calnan, CEO, CisLunar Industries, a company developing a payload hosting service that will provide essential utilities (power, communications, etc.) to customers on an unmanned, remotely operated platform in Low-Earth Orbit.
  • Felix Ejeckam, CEO, Akash Systems, offering MMIC Power Amplifiers, cubesat radios, and large transmitters built from its proprietary new material, GaN-on-Diamond.
  • Justin Mullen, CEO, Datalytyx, providing data science & analytics products and data warehousing solutions to the telco, satellite, travel, transport, logistics, manufacturing, energy and utilities sectors.

Judges will score presentations based on a standardized set of categories. The single contestant from each group with the highest overall score will be named the contest winner and receive the grand prize.

Although the deadline to apply has passed, those interested can still apply for a chance to be considered for the Startup Space wait list and a chance to participate in the Startup Pitch Workshop.

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