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Contact: Isabel Burnham, Assistant Marketing Manager

3D Printed Rockets: Relativity Presentation at SATELLITE Will Be a Turning Point for the Space Industry

Rockville, MD. – Friday, April 12, 2019 – SpaceX and Blue Origin revolutionized access to space with affordable, reusable, launch vehicles. Planet and Spire then helped usher the industry into its golden age of small satellites, produced and launched within months. Now, Relativity CEO Tim Ellis is coming to SATELLITE 2019 to push space innovation to the next level – with an innovative 3D printing platform that can build and launch spacecraft within a matter of days.

On Monday, May 6 at 11am, Ellis will participate in a fireside chat at the SATELLITE 2019 conference (Walter E. Washington Convention Center) and provide attendees and members of the press with an exclusive first glance at the future of space production.

Hosted by SATELLITE 2019 Chair Jeffrey Hill, this presentation will detail Relativity’s latest progress in developing the first and only aerospace platform to integrate machine learning, software, and robotics with metal 3D printing technology to build and launch rockets in days instead of years, disrupting 60 years of aerospace technology.

Traditional aerospace manufacturing relies on fixed tooling, a complex supply chain, and extensive human labor, with rockets taking 18 months or more to build and launch. “Because of this, access to space has been limited to a handful of organizations that are able to spend millions of dollars to send spacecraft into orbit,” says Hill. “Fortunately, the recent rise of low-cost launch options combined with cheaper satellites has made space much more inclusive. However, this has also led to an incredible increase in demand that launch providers cannot possibly meet. 3-D printing is going to be a difference-maker, and Tim and his team at Relativity are leading the way toward our next big step in space. We’re very excited about this presentation.”

Tim Ellis co-founded Relativity in 2015 as the first autonomous factory and launch service for rockets, and the creator of the largest robotic metal 3D printer in the world.  He previously worked at Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin, where he was responsible for bringing metal 3D printing into the launch company’s production cycle. He is the youngest member on the National Space Council UAG by nearly two decades, and directly advises the United States White House on all space policy. Ellis and Relativity have received financing from Playground Global, Social Capital, Y Combinator, Mark Cuban, the University of Southern California (his alma mater), and Stanford University.

Watch Relativity in action, with this VIDEO, “Everything Evolves”

Tim Ellis will be available for interviews on site following the presentation. Accredited members of the press receive complimentary, full-access to the SATELLITE 2019 conference and exhibit hall. To apply for press credentials, visit

SATELLITE 2019 will be held May 6-9, 2019 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center located at 801 Mt Vernon Pl NW, Washington, D.C. 20001.

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